The Diamond Challenge invites high school students worldwide to build solutions to solve problems they are passionate about and join a growing community of innovators and changemakers.


Diamond Challenge unites young innovators from around the world through a common goal: innovation. Teams come together to pursue their passion, share ideas, and create the world they envision.











Each year teams with the most promising ideas are awarded prize funding to develop their venture or support higher education aspirations. Every participant has the opportunity to grow their network, gain valuable feedback, and discover future collaborations.


Awards are given to the top three teams in both business innovation and social innovation tracks to advance their entrepreneurial journeys.

1st Place: $12,000

2nd Place: $8,000

3rd Place: $4,500


Our topical prizes celebrate teams that exhibit expertise in specific areas. From sustainability to technological innovation, we recognize the unique and the specialized.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority Waste & Recycling Innovation Prize

Awarded to the teams that develop an advancement in the waste or recycling industry that fosters sustainability within both the community and the environment.

The Gore Innovation
Excellence Prize

Awarded to the teams who best represent the application of technology to improving lives.

The Horn Equity Thru Entrepreneurship Prize

Awarded to the team with the greatest potential to advance social justice and equality of opportunity.

The Horn Entrepreneurship Global Prize

Awarded to the top global teams that demonstrate extraordinary entrepreneurship excellence and embody the true spirit of the Diamond Challenge.


Everyone’s journey is different. Meet a few of the incredible Diamond Challenge alumni making a positive impact around the world.

Sebastien Burkhardt & Barrett Deng

Finalist Year: 2022

Clore just passed another round of testing and we are now working on rolling out our product to neighborhoods in high fire risk areas!

Michael Wiciak

Finalist Year: 2018

Eros Aerial and DC provided me with valuable life experiences that are currently shaping my future 1, 5, and 10-year plans. I am currently focusing on building a Capital Firm to eventually invest in Venture businesses.

Ariadne Papouli

Finalist Year: 2021

I am a 1st year student of the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws (BBALLB) at IE University in Madrid, Spain. My active involvement in Diamond Challenge has been integral in the discovery of my passion for business and has contributed to building a profile that made me eligible to receive the Young Entrepreneur scholarship to attend my university!

Hans Kamat & Evan Kamat

Finalist Year: 2023

We have been fortunate to win the Grand Prize in the National Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge. (Grades 9-12) and the 2023 Grand Prize Missouri After School Network Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge for the Benchwarmer. We met with our patent attorney and are submitting a trademark of the name and a utility patent. We have 500 Benchwarmers on order and met with a sports catalog company that will feature the product.

Andrew Ko

Finalist Year: 2022

I am pursuing a major in Computer Engineering and a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University. I am involved in the Clemson Running Club, TedXClemsonU tech team, and Cru Fellowship. I am also in the process of developing ideas for the Spark Entrepreneurship Challenge under Clemson’s College of Engineering Computing and Applied Sciences.

Peter Liu

Finalist Year: 2021

I am a proud Blue Devil studying ECE my second year at Duke! I do research involving Large Language Models, pursue side Machine Learning related projects, and engage with the startup community at Duke. In my free time, I learn Mixed Martial Arts with members of Duke MMA or travel, whether it’s national park hikes or around Europe.


Paul & Linda