The Diamond Challenge Summit

Energize your entrepreneurial spirit with other young innovators at this 3-day conference that features world class speakers, networking opportunities, and the final round of our global pitch competition.

Summit 2024

April 25-27, 2024
University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

Summit Key Moments

Day 1

  • • Innovation Tour*
  • • Networking Reception
  • • Welcome Dinner

Day 2

  • • Final Round Pitching
  • • Workshops
  • • Student Glow Gala

Day 3

  • • Donuts & Diamonds Breakfast
  • • Innovation Sprints
  • • Awards Ceremony

*denotes activities that require pre-registration.


There are plenty of activities and workshops for you to join throughout the Summit. As a Diamond Challenge Finalist, there are a few details unique to you. On Day 1, you have the option to participate in practice pitch sessions. The next day, Day 2, you will pitch twice – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Day 3 features the Awards Ceremony following lunch.

Conference Guests

The Summit is your opportunity to connect with other young innovators and creators. We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities – attend the workshops, watch finalist pitches, and participate in networking sessions. Challenge your creativity at the Innovation Sprints on Day 3 – and win awards too.


Explore the integration of entrepreneurship in your classroom or school, gain insights from fellow educators, and establish invaluable networking connections. As part of your ticket, you can attend many of the activities – workshops, keynotes, and Diamond Challenge finalist pitches.

Previous Winners

2017 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation 

AcoustiGLASS is a wearable acoustic object recognition system designed to increase awareness of the surrounding environment. Watch video.

BoltBot is a mobile and web application that facilitates simple and easy self-service at supermarkets, eliminating long lines for customers and reducing the running costs for supermarkets. Watch video.

PromElle is a peer-to-peer party wear rental marketplace for teen girls to rent and lend gently used formal dresses and accessories from each other’s closets. Watch video.

Social Innovation

Elix Incubator is a social impact incubator for teen social entrepreneurs that provides services and education on sustainably developing businesses. Watch video.

Voluntu is a website application that will allow volunteers to track and consolidate volunteer hours in an organization. Watch video.

AutumnLeaf Fundraisers is a teen-led organization whose members hand-make and sell items at local community events, donating 100% of the money to charity. Watch video.

2018 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation

H2ydratiOn is an environmentally friendly filter for the removal of heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and copper, from water. Watch video.

CampusSelect is a website that connects high school students in the college search process to current, compatible undergraduates at their desired schools through video chat. Watch video.

Project X is a quad-copter that uses indirect propulsion systems to redirect airflow which can conceal propellers thus becoming the safest drone in the world. Watch video.

Social Innovation

Aab-e-Hayaat is an agricultural product that uses enhanced super-absorbent polymer to fight droughts, reduce agricultural ater needs by 70%, and cut agricultural expenditure on fertilizers by 50%. Watch video.

Paradise Care is a non-profit organization that addresses the improper disposal of plastic bottles and transforms disposed plastics to support cottage industry of emergency lights whilst beautifying the environment and educating the population to prevent future occurrence. Watch video.

Digital Bridge is an online portal connecting local businesses struggling with gentrification to web designers, graphic design experts, and other media professionals who volunteer their time toward creating web-based services for these businesses. Watch video.


2019 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation

BACVision is a modular apparatus that will accurately quantify blood alcohol content (BAC) and the presence of other intoxicants through ocular metrics. Watch video.

Optiglass is a novel device that uses echolocation and machine learning to give the blind access to greater mobility. Watch video.

Natrion is dedicated to providing safe, affordable energy solution for clean power grids through its revolutionary solid-state sodium-ion batter technology. Watch video.

Social Innovation

MatchMeds is a streamlined, technology-based platform that connects low-income, uninsured patients with charitable clinics that can offer real affordable prices for brand-name medication. Watch video.

The Oil Magnet is a method of oil spill clean up that combines current boom technology with magnetic nanotechnology. Watch video.

The SOBROS safe strip is a dissolvable thin fil that can be slipped into a drink and turn it a fluorescent color in the presence of drugs like Rophanyl and Ketamine or simply dissolve and leave the drink unaltered in the presence of no drugs. Watch video.

2020 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation

Astrofilter is a self-cleaning filter designed to remove debris from spacecraft ventilation systems, increasing the efficacy of CO2 removal units. Watch video.

Fision is a tin, film-like plastic that adheres directly onto the surface of existing glasses lenses to make prescription updates.

Ditch Dat’s novel, patent-pending pediculicide (headlice treatment) inventions kills headlice and headlice eggs in safe, effective, affordable and eco-friendly manner. Watch video.

Social Innovation

Exhoheal is an affordable post-stroke robotic device accompanied by a doctor-patient communication app to help paralyzed patients recover 30% faster. Watch video.

inGeniusLearn is a comprehensive software application that hyper-personalizes education with real-time confusion detection and immediate student feedback. Watch video.

EZ Water is determined to defy the challenge of affordability and accessibility to provide clean drinking water to masses globally. Watch video.

2021 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation

Extraoral Aerosol Vacuum Cup (EVAC) is an affordable, compact, and effective device to reduce bacteria and virus infection in dental offices. Watch video.

ListenIn Inc. provides an affordable, AI-powered hearing aid that distinguishes and amplifies the primary speaker in a noisy environment. Watch video.

Innovative Solar uses convex lenses to concentrate light onto solar cells, thus increasing the energy output. Watch video.

Shift is the first wearable Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation device that delivers users comfortable, affordable, accessible, and effective therapy. Watch video.

Social Innovation

Intutorly matches volunteer tutors with elementary school student for free, online one-on-one tutoring in 25 states and 4 other countries. Watch video.

Serne is an app for teenagers who are struggling with their mental health to prevent millions of teenage suicides globally.

Hello Oasis is the creation of a widespread food oasis through community fridges, farm-to-table rescue of food waste, and exchanging microgreens with food service businesses. Watch video.

2022 Grand Prize Winners
Business Innovation

VORA creates innovative solutions to the visually impaired through a VORA App, wearable VORA devices and premium downloadable VORA skills.

Phish Byte uses deep learning technology to protect Google Workspace users from phishing attacks.

Pathway Immune is a cancer immunotherapy research and development company dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments that enhance cancer immunity.

EcoPods are biodegradable, water-soluble pods filled with water-activated 3-in-1 powder soap.

Social Innovation

Terramica Plastic is an affordable plastic that biodegrades completely naturally, at 450x the rate of standard consumer-use plastics.

Tuberculosticks offer a safe, convenient, and cost-effective method for obtaining accurate and instantaneous results for both active and latent Tuberculosis.

Chiron is an interactive health literacy platform targeted specifically to aid prison inmates, a long-neglected population with intense medical needs.

2023 Grand Prize Winners

Omnicore Technologies is for robot and medically-oriented companies that need effective wrist prosthetics. It provides companies with the technology to improve joint functionality through 3 degrees of freedom and 360-degree rotation movement capability.

FutureX is the world’s first data-driven distributed local farming platform that transforms anyone with a piece of land into a successful backyard farmer, enabling local production and consumption at scale.

The Bench Warmer is an innovative portable bench heating device for sports teams and supporters. 


El-sol is an autonomous, sustainable, and user-friendly solar panel cleaner. Making solar panels cleaner to make the world greener.

Algae Air is an AI-powered microalgae photobioreactor that improves indoor air quality in schools and combats climate change.

Alzmirror is a virtual augmented reality device that activates mirror neurons in elders to slow down pathlogical neurodegeneration.