Every year, the Diamond Challenge team gets the opportunity to work with incredible individuals and organizations from all over the world with the goal of empowering high school entrepreneurs. Meet the amazing people and partners that make the Diamond Challenge happen. 

Our Student Advisory Board

Aayushi Sharma

Hockessin, Delaware

“The Diamond Challenge is much different from other competitions on several levels. The freedom to form your own ideas, yet guidance to shape them and mold them into real-life application is engaging and forces applicants to think in a constructive direction. The Diamond Challenge has given me exposure to knowledge and experiences that I will go on to utilize for the rest of my life.”

Akshara Ramasamy

The Woodlands, Texas

“The Diamond Challenge has helped me discover my untapped potential and passion for entrepreneurship. The competition served as an impetus to experience, witness, and understand the world of business. Above all, the Diamond Challenge has allowed me to connect with a network of aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world.”

Alexander Burt

Scottsdale, Arizona

“Participating in the Diamond Challenge is like investing in the stock market; both take a significant amount of research and time investment up front, but they can pay off tremendously in the end. The abundant resources, international connections, and immense feedback from the Diamond Challenge furthered my passion for business and entrepreneurial spirit, and I encourage anyone who has a chance to take part in it.”

Andrew Tong

Bellaire, Texas

“Before the Diamond Challenge experience, I thought entrepreneurs were just a title given to those who had no job. But, after going through the curriculum, developing my own product, and networking with others at the summit, I can say that being an entrepreneur is something truly great.”

Ashley Lin

Vancouver, Washington

“The Diamond Challenge has introduced me to a community of other movers and shakers who challenge me just as much as they support me. Here, I have found space to ask questions, make *informed* guesses, pursue crazy ideas, and fall more in love with entrepreneurship and innovation education every day. If you intend to change the world, the Diamond Challenge is something you’ll want to be part of… this is a community you won’t find anywhere else.”

Cathy Chang

San Jose, California

“The Diamond Challenge has opened my eyes to a new world of entrepreneurship. I have learned that entrepreneurship is a tool to make the changes you want to see in the world. Through my experience with the Diamond Challenge, I have made extensive connections with future and current world changers and have gained insight on how I can become a world changer. I am truly grateful for the Diamond Challenge and how they have shaped my understanding of entrepreneurship.”

Jonathan Ke

San Jose, California

“The 2019 Diamond Challenge was a time of brainstorming, teamwork, and making dreams into reality. My team and I are very passionate about environmentalism, and thus we created a concept that incentivizes proper recycling through awards. This idea stemmed from the rampant mis-recycling I saw everywhere, which I hoped to mitigate with this plan. Subsequently, it morphed into a creative idea of designing a smart booth to sort out all the recycling and giving awards to incentivize recycling. Finally, Through both a large time investment and hard work, we turned a complaint into an innovative business concept idea for the pitching event in Danville.”

Larissa Tyagi

San Jose, California

“The Diamond Challenge was the most pivotal part of my highschool experience; from socializing with people from 10 different countries to pitching in front of 100 people I grew as a leader, competitor, and person. It’s exhilarating to pitch your business in front of a panel of real investors at age 16, and even more inspiring to be doing this alongside like-minded business savvy peers from different countries around the globe.”

Neha Subrahmanyam

Novi, Michigan

“Diamond Challenge is more than just another business competition. I got the resources, connections, and feedback I needed to help launch my own real business.”

Palitha Reddy

Coppell, Texas

“Business is what you want it to be. Being a part of the Diamond Challenge gave me the opportunity to take a stand for myself by being able to turn my ideas into a reality and by being able to connect with current individuals in the business field while also teaching me essential skills to be successful in life. Ultimately, the Diamond Challenge has opened my eyes into one of the most wonderful things I have ever witnessed: my future profession: business while allowing me to determine my strengths and weaknesses and make lifelong friends and memories.”

Philip Pan

Herndon, Virginia

“The Diamond Challenge connected me with global entrepreneurs fueled by a common desire to create a better tomorrow. I would have never thought that I would be the co-founder of a company by the 11th grade, but the Diamond Challenge provided the resources and the gateway to achieving my entrepreneurial aspirations. The Diamond Challenge welcomed my ideas, believed in me, and embraced me as a changemaker in an era of innovation.”

Prakhyat Reddy

Dilijan, Armenia

“Diamond Challenge has been a life changer for me. It convinced me to pursue my passion for business and entrepreneurship. I had been a finalist for various business competitions earlier, but none like the diamond challenge. The knowledge, experience, and networking that it provides are matched by none other. I really look forward to serving you all and spreading the diamond challenge further. I hope to see more students take up the path of entrepreneurship by participating in the diamond challenge.”

Rayan Garg

San Jose, California

“Diamond Challenge was a very enriching experience for me and by far the best business competition I have participated in. Along with growing long lasting leadership skills, this program has been able to grow my business knowledge and has given me real life experience pitching to investors. Additionally, it has given me priceless friendships and valuable connections. It is an experience I will never forget.”

Ritvik Rai

Pune, India

“Being a member of a team that participated in the Diamond Challenge made me fall in love with entrepreneurship all over again. The learning and knowledge that I gained for this competition were second to none and participating in the Challenge is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The Diamond Challenge experience is like no other.”

Sarah Lee

Seongnam, South Korea

“In a predominantly ageist world, the Diamond Challenge helped me realize that teenagers can foster real change and that nothing truly trumps the collaboration between passionate entrepreneurs. Overall, the Diamond Challenge helped me grow as an entrepreneur and a global citizen.”

Serhii Durytskyi

Kyiv, Ukraine

“For me, Diamond Challenge is the first step to professional success that gave me an incredible amount of important knowledge, skills, and abilities. This contest is a powerful start, which completely changes the life of a teenager.”

Vaibhav Jain

New Delhi, India

“Diamond Challenge is an opportunity like no other. It pushes you off your limits and pulls you to a magical zone you always imagined. Students who truly desire to become an entrepreneur should compete in the Diamond Challenge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an idea or a team. What matters the most is your passion and initiative and I have learned this through my own experience with Diamond Challenge. It is a quest and a testimony of your hard work, creativity, communication skills and as always luck.”

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The individuals and organizations who showcase opportunities for high school students at our annual summit


The young industry professionals who guide Diamond Challenge semifinalist teams prior to pitching at the University and/or assist attendees by hosting one-on-one sessions during our annual summit


The high school students who fuel the Diamond Challenge, learn about entrepreneurship, and meet students from around the globe

Pitch Event Partners

The individuals and organizations who make it possible for students around the globe to pitch their ideas live at pitch events around the world


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Student Advisory Board

The global student promoters of the Diamond Challenge

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