Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diamond Challenge?

The Diamond Challenge is the world’s top-rated entrepreneurship competition for high school students, where we provide high school entrepreneurs with the resources, connections and feedback they need to bring their ideas to the next level and to recognize personal and professional pursuits and passions.

There is a $100,000 prize pool available, and winners can use the funds as a higher education scholarship to any institution in the world, or venture funding.

Here is a quick video that showcases the Diamond Challenge experience.

Do I need to pay to participate?

Registering and submitting an idea to the Diamond Challenge is completely free. If you are selected as a Diamond Challenge Semifinalist, you will need to identify the necessary travel funding to and from the Summit.

Do I need to have a team to compete?

Yes, the Diamond Challenge is a team-based experience. Your team must be comprised of a minimum of two, and no more than four students.

How does the competition work?

The Diamond Challenge is both a virtual and in-person experience that takes place during the United States academic calendar from August – April.

All students will submit a written concept narrative and pitch deck online by the submission deadline.

From there, teams are invited to pitch live or virtually if they do not live near one of our pitch event locations around the world.

Winners are selected from our pitch events and virtual pitch submissions. These teams are invited to pitch in the semifinal round at the Diamond Challenge Summit in April.

What are the competition submission requirements, and do I need a prototype?

All students will submit a written concept narrative and pitch deck online by the submission deadline. A written concept narrative is only required during the submission round.

During the pitching round and semifinal round, a live pitch and pitch deck are required. A prototype is not required.

A prototype can be helpful when pitching in front of judges.

Who can compete in the Diamond Challenge?

Teams must be comprised of two to four high school students typically between 14-18 years of age at the time of the submission deadline, and must be enrolled in an official high school/secondary education institution for the duration of the Diamond Challenge. The competition is available to any high school student around the world.

Can I work with students from different schools and locations?

Yes, you may work with high school students from other schools and locations. Team members do NOT need to be based in the same school or area.

What are the responsibilities of the adult advisor?

Teams require one adult advisor (21 years of age or older) who is in a position to provide the opportunity to participate and broadly available to offer support to the team. Teams may have more than one advisor, however, only one may be included in your official team submission. The advisor you include will be considered a main point of contact for the competition.

Adult advisors are not required to attend events.

Can the same adult serve as an advisor to multiple teams?

Yes, the same adult can serve as an advisor to multiple teams.

How much time do I have to pitch and answer questions?

Teams have five minutes to pitch, and three minutes for questions and answers. 

Can I compete more than once or submit the same concept?

Students may compete in the Diamond Challenge every year during their high school career.

Teams may submit a concept more than one year in a row as long as they have never made it to the semifinal round with that concept. It will be assumed by the Diamond Challenge leadership team that your team will have made significant progress on the concept you are resubmitting. If it is discovered teams are submitting the exact same concept more than once, they will be disqualified.

Who can attend the Summit?

Semifinalists from around the world are eligible to attend the Summit in April!