Diamond Challenge FAQs

Do I need to pay to participate?

The Diamond Challenge is completely free to students around the globe.

What is the Diamond Challenge age requirement?

All Diamond Challenge participants must presently attend high school, typically in 9-12 grade/form. Usually, high school students are between the ages of 14-18, however, some exceptions may apply. Contact in[email protected] if you have further questions about this guideline.

Can I work with students from different schools and locations?

Yes, you may work with high school students from other schools and locations. Team members do NOT need to be based in the same school or area.

Can I have more than one Team Advisor?

Yes, you may have more than one team advisor, however, only one official advisor is allowed to be input in our competition management software when submitting a concept to the competition.

How do I sign up?

You will sign up and submit your concept with your team using our competition management software, Award Force. The link is found on the home page of the website.

How do I choose my competition track?

Once you know what problem you want to solve and have an idea, choosing a competition track is easy. If the idea focuses on solving a customer problem, then choose the business innovation track. If the idea focuses on solving a societal or environmental problem, then choose the social innovation track.

Can I compete in more than one competition track or submit more than one concept?

A student can compete and submit ONE concept per competition season.

Can I submit the same concept more than one year in a row?

Teams may submit a concept more than one year in a row as long as they have never made it to the semifinal round with that concept. It will be assumed by the Diamond Challenge leadership team that your team will have made significant progress on the concept you are resubmitting. If it is discovered teams are submitting the exact same concept more than once, they will be disqualified.

How much time will it take to participate in the competition?

Submissions open in the fall, and close in the winter. We have a recommended time frame of 10 weeks to come up with an idea, create your written concept, and create your pitch deck. Once the submission round is complete, students may move on to the pitching round, which will take place one day between February and March. If students are asked to compete in the semifinal and final rounds, students have until the summit in April to work on perfecting their pitch presentations.

Will I automatically get a chance to pitch live or virtually?

Not all participants will be invited to pitch their ideas live in front of judges or virtually by submitting a recorded video. Judges will review all submission round information, and from there, participants will be notified if they qualify for the pitching round.

Why do I have to compete with teams from around the world?

Whether you realize it or not, you are already competing with students and teams from around the world. Technology, trade agreements and other factors have created a global marketplace where we are all in competition for educational opportunities, jobs, commerce and capital. Competing with students from all over the world will provide you with opportunities to foster new connections and share ideas unlike ever before.

Why should I participate in the Diamond Challenge?

Participating in the Diamond Challenge allows you to foster global connections with students from around the world, learn how to problem solve, think creatively, and ultimately gain knowledge and first-hand experience with the entrepreneurial process which will prepare you to adapt in an ever-changing world, regardless of your chosen career path.

Summit FAQs

What happens at the Summit?

There are workshops, speakers, panels, mentoring sessions, exhibitors, and the semifinal and final rounds of the Diamond Challenge.

Who is eligible to attend the Summit?

Semifinalists from around the world and nominated individuals / groups (self-nominated or nominated by another) are eligible to attend the Summit in April!

Are you only eligible to attend the Summit if you're competing in the Diamond Challenge?

No, anyone is eligible to attend so long as they self-nominate or are nominated by another individual, and the nomination is accepted by the Diamond Challenge Team.

How many people typically attend the Summit?

Over 500 individuals attend the Summit each year.

What well-known individuals will be a part of the Summit?

Last year, Amanda Bradford, CEO and Founder of The League, and Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, served as the Summit Keynote Speakers. For more information, check out our Summit page and see our list of exciting hosts.

How long is the Summit?

The Summit is three days long, and typically runs all day every day.

Do I have to attend all three days to participate in the Summit?

All attendees are expected to attend the duration of the Summit experience, unless otherwise noted in your nomination.

When and where does the Summit take place?

The Summit takes place in Clayton Hall at the University of Delaware in April.

How can I reserve a spot at the Summit?

If you’d like to attend, you will submit a quick nomination form, or identify someone to nominate you. Our nomination application will go live on our Summit page of the website.

Why should I participate in the Summit?

Participating in the Summit allows you to foster global connections with individuals from around the world, learn how to problem solve, think creatively, and ultimately gain knowledge and first-hand experience with the entrepreneurial process which will prepare you to adapt in an ever-changing world, regardless of your chosen career path.