Any Idea, Any Team,
Any Country

Young minds embark on a global journey to turn their passions into business or social venture concepts – competing for a $100K prize pool. Teams harness the Diamond Challenge curriculum, global network, and exclusive opportunities for an unforgettable experience!

Competition Timeline

Beginning in September, teams develop their concepts and leverage resources throughout three rounds culminating at the Summit in April.

Concept Development


Each year teams with the most promising ideas are awarded prize funding to develop their venture or support higher education aspirations. Every participant has the opportunity to grow their network, gain valuable feedback, and discover potential future collaborations.


Awards are given to the top three teams in both business innovation and social innovation tracks to advance their entrepreneurial journeys.

1st Place: $12,000

2nd Place: $8,000

3rd Place: $4,500


Our topical prizes celebrate teams that exhibit expertise in specific areas. From sustainability to technological innovation, we recognize the unique and the specialized.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority Waste & Recycling Innovation Prize

Awarded to the teams that develop an advancement in the waste or recycling industry that fosters sustainability within both the community and the environment.

The Gore Innovation
Excellence Prize

Awarded to the teams who best represent the application of technology to improving lives.

The Horn Equity Thru Entrepreneurship Prize

Awarded to the team with the greatest potential to advance social justice and equality of opportunity.

The Horn Entrepreneurship Global Prize

Awarded to the top global teams that demonstrate extraordinary entrepreneurship excellence and embody the true spirit of the Diamond Challenge.

Innovation Amplified

Diamond Challenge partners with highly engaged organizations committed to developing the entrepreneurial mindset in teens. Organizations in the following locations provide students the opportunity to pitch their ideas, both virtually and in-person, allowing their innovative concepts to take center stage. Explore your pitch site options:

2024 Grand Prize Winners

Business Innovation

First Place


A low-cost and sustainable technology to efficiently recycle waste 3D printing filaments.

Second Place


An innovative, modular incubation system that windows and sexes eggs to prevent production inefficiencies.

Thrid Place


A portable machine that dispels doubts on the presence of peanuts in food.

Social Innovation

First Place


A brain-controlled exoskeleton that revolutionizes post-stroke hand rehabilitation.

Second Place

The Better Kitchen Sink

A grey water filter for developing countries that is low-cost, utilizing locally sourced sustainable materials.

Thrid Place


A socially conscious menstrual hygiene business venture that is committed to fighting period poverty across the world through sustainable, reusable period panties.

2024 Topical Prize Winners


Turning concrete walls into sustainable gardens.


A chitin-based bioplastic solution to invasive Copi and plastic pollution.


A portable thermoregulated wrap for insulin preservation.


An assistive mobility device equipped with AI&ML for the blind.


A job site for individuals returning from prison.


Helping new mothers relieve the struggles of postnatal depression through convenient and accessible devices.

VOTA Panama

A mobile phone application that continuously updates Panamanians about Panamanian elections and politics.