This holiday season, our team has been highlighting our amazing student community and sharing stories of how they’re changing the world. But with the unprecedented twists and turns that 2020 has brought to us all, it’s become clear that these experiences have also shaped us all in new ways

We asked high school students in our community how this year has shaped them and here’s what they had to say:


Q: What from 2020 will you take with you into 2021? 

“I will take into 2021 my optimism and my hope that there is a better tomorrow. What I understood clearly from 2020 was that everything was going to be alright, no matter the condition or situation, everything was still going to be fine”. Toluwalase O.



“Something I’ll take with me into 2021 is the reminder that when one door closes, another one will open. Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove old influences to create space for the new!” – Ashley L.



2020 showed me the power of people. In this time of heightened isolation, people around me became more collaborative and supportive of each other. I hope this awareness of societal problems that had been ignored for years can continue into 2021.” – Chelsea Y.



I’ll take my increased closeness with my family members with me to 2021. During the stay at home order, I was able to spend more time with my parents because we were all really busy before, but it’s nice that we got to bond before I leave for college next year.” – Sophia O.



Q: What clarity did you gain in 2020?   

I need to be more grateful. Fortunately, my family was not impacted by the pandemic, and my parents were able to continuously provide for me. However, several of my friends told me how their parents were laid off, on furloughs, or contracted the disease. Therefore, I realized I took for granted the position that I am in, and I learned to be more thankful and more appreciative.” – Akshara R.


“Not everything will go according to plan, but it will sort itself out in the future as long as you keep working at it.” – Mehar P.




I gained more clarity on work-life balance. Before 2020, I did not realize the importance of having hobbies and activities to destress. With staying at home, I realized that it is really important to have activities that I enjoy.” – Sheryl H.


“I realized that the ability to adapt and change is more important than ever. Throughout 2020, whether it be schools or offices, everyone has had to adapt and change according to the circumstances. Before 2020, our lives were pretty routine, but 2020 turned everything on its head and it taught me about being open to more options and going with the flow.” – Soham J. 


2020 and all of its struggles have given me the opportunity to ‘spring clean’ my life in regards to school, my future and my relationships with others!” – Palpasha K.



From our community to you, wishing you an optimistic, hopeful, powerful, grateful and balanced 2021!




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