By: Sophia Oh | November 5th, 2020


With rates of online and hybrid schooling increasing worldwide, many students face accelerated challenges learning in a virtual environment. Although it may be advantageous for some, the transition from in-person school to online platforms has exposed ways the education system can continue to transform. For those of you who want to improve your ability to learn and absorb information in an online environment, we want to introduce you to Jottle: a website-based platform that aids students in taking easy, interactive, and memorable notes.

The idea for Jottle originated from a problem faced by many students worldwide- translating a monotonous, lifeless textbook into comprehensible, effective notes. Teagan Schumann, a Diamond Challenge alumna who came up with this innovation, was nettled. She would read the textbook for hours at a time and then take notes by hand. However, Teagann sought a better alternative. Thus, Jottle was created.


“Diamond Challenge really helped build the concept of Jottle. Pitching gave my team confidence in our idea and the dream to turn it into a reality. Without Diamond Challenge, I wouldn’t have a team, and Jottle wouldn’t be half of what it is.” -Teagan Schumann


Ali Rohrs, Amanda Vu, Heather Barnstead (Advisor), Teagan Schumann, and Yasmeen Hembree

Jottle seeks to guide students in creating notes that emulate bullet journals, beautifully organized pages that use colorful fonts, fun images, and unique layouts to make the content exciting to learn. Similarly, drag and drop widgets with fancy lettering, banners, and graphics are utilized to make it a streamlined workspace. Pre-designed templates as well as customizable note pages allow students to have creative reign over their notes. Furthermore, interactive study games including flashcards and crossword puzzles help with knowledge retention. This platform is open to not only students but anyone who wants aesthetically organized notes; designers, therapists, and resume builders. 

While Jottle is still in the development stage, the future of the platform is clear- transforming notes into pieces of art. In doing so, studying becomes a customizable and enjoyable experience for all.

The benefits of visually pleasing notes can also be quantified with Jottle’s reward system. Students earn points by taking and reviewing their notes, which can be monitored by teachers to create a simple system for grading. The inventors of Jottle aim to connect the program with Google so that users can add notes to their Drive or turn in assignments to Google Classroom. These components could truly raise note taking and learning to the next level.

Elevating study methods will enhance students’ academic experiences and help them have a great school year, regardless of an in-person or online setting. Jottle is a great way to guide learning habits. If you find yourself wishing there was a better solution to a problem like the originators of Jottle, we encourage you to enter the Diamond Challenge, an amazing way to apply knowledge and skills to solve global and societal issues.


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