By: Grace Zhang | April 8, 2020


Started as a concept in 2019, Topical Prize Awards recognize Diamond Challenge semifinalist teams that have shown significant promise and excellence in a particular field of entrepreneurial capacity. All Topical Prize Awards are sponsored by innovative companies that have an invested interest in leveraging the Diamond Challenge to promote their company’s global corporate and social responsibility efforts. These Topical Prize Sponsors provide an award for both the Business Innovation and Social Innovation track. Each Topical Prize Award has a $1500 value per prize. Students utilize the funds as venture funding or for personal use.

Chemours is a chemistry company driven by the fundamental purpose to create a more colorful, capable and clean world through the power of chemistry. Built upon a 200-year-old legacy and a world-class product portfolio, Chemours brings everyday convenience to virtually everything people touch—in industries ranging from automotive, paints and plastics to electronics, construction, energy and telecommunications. With thousands of employees working in 37 manufacturing and laboratory sites across 120 countries, Chemours has certainly established a global influence in a diverse array of sectors. Associates are dedicated to creating strong partnerships with their customers to foster innovation and trust, helping meet every new challenge with opportunities to advance and grow.

The Chemours Prize for Responsible STEM Innovation is awarded to the teams with STEM-based concepts that incorporate significant societal or environmental benefit. Chemours has always been passionate about using science and innovation to improve the lives of many. Chemours achieves this feat by creating products that are efficient to make and environmentally friendly. This is a perfect opportunity for semifinalists to showcase their ingenuity, as well as their environmental consciousness. We are so excited to see what kinds of innovative products or services our semifinalists come up with and wish all the teams good luck in developing their respective ventures. See you at the Summit!


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