By: Grace Zhang | February 6, 2020


Started as a concept in 2019, Topical Prize Awards recognize Diamond Challenge semifinalist teams that have shown significant promise and excellence in a particular field of entrepreneurial capacity. All Topical Prize Awards are sponsored by innovative companies that have an invested interest in leveraging the Diamond Challenge to promote their company’s global corporate and social responsibility efforts. These Topical Prize Sponsors provide an award for both the Business Innovation and Social Innovation track. Each Topical Prize Award has a $1500 value per prize. Students utilize the funds as venture funding or for personal use.

SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. As one of the market’s leading enterprise application software companies that specializes in data, analytics, intelligent technologies and experience management, SAP helps businesses of all sizes and in all kinds of industries operate profitably while also achieving their purpose. With 200 million users worldwide, SAP prides itself on delivering quality service for a diverse base of clients. Outside the realm of business, SAP is also focused on tackling global issues such as water scarcity and world hunger. The company recognizes the limitless potential of technology and the far-reaching effects it could have on society. With this in mind, we are incredibly excited to announce SAP is partnering with The Diamond Challenge to offer the SAP Experience Management Award at this year’s Diamond Challenge 2020 Summit.

The SAP Experience Management Award is given to a team demonstrating exceptional empathy for customer needs and attention to delivering a truly compelling customer experience. The award criteria considers a multitude of factors, including but not limited to: (a) how exceptional are the team’s efforts to understand the customer needs, do the research, go beyond the basics; and (b) how compelling is the team’s orchestration of an experience, beyond simply a product or service. As entrepreneurs, it’s incredibly important to understand the customer base to better serve their needs and capture the market. This award will motivate students to go above and beyond in terms of customer research and help stimulate creative solutions to prevalent problems plaguing individuals today. We are so excited to see what kinds innovative products or services our semifinalists come up with and wish all the teams good luck in developing their respective ventures. See you at the Summit!


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