By Guest Blogger: Tori Lutz | March 11, 2020


Why Upcoming Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code

You’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again: everybody should know how to code! Whether you’re working in agriculture, zoology, or anything in between, you need to know how to work with technology. As more software pops up across industries, that means knowing how to code!

Even if you have a crystal clear vision, detailed business model, and expert team behind your newest venture, it’s not going to go very far if its founders don’t understand how to work in the digital age.

The Importance of Having a Website

Companies that lack websites are companies that lack clients. While that’s an overstatement, it’s an incredibly accurate overstatement, so to speak. To be more specific, just about 97% of consumers go online to look for local businesses.

Since there is a trend among startups to avoid having a physical office (since that saves on the overhead of a leased space and frees up capital for reinvestment), many companies are entirely reliant on those 97% of consumers.

Even if your plan is to open a brick-and-mortar location, you’re going to need to have a website. Otherwise, you’ll be left with the 3% of people who don’t resort to the Internet to find business. And that’s assuming that 100% of that remaining 3% of people want what you have to offer.

Coding Teaches Vital Skills

Even if you don’t plan to found a tech company, you should practice coding. Studies have shown that coding for kids teach a plethora of marketable skills. That includes creativity, problem solving, mathematics, and more.

In the words of David Dodge, CEO of Codakid, “Coding helps kids, teens, and even older professionals to hone their critical thinking skills through real-world applications.”

Whether those “real-world applications” are through the problem-solving practice of debugging or through the creation of literal software applications, you can improve your critical thinking skills either way.

Work Better with Your Tech Team

There are few better ways to derail productivity and crush employee morale than for the founder (in this case, that’s you) to have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. In order to communicate with your tech team in a productive and effective way, you’ll need to have an understanding of code.

Through code, you can more easily communicate your ideas in a way that your tech team will understand. Instead of simply describing what it is that you’d like the software to do, you gain the skills to use the specific jargon necessary to help your tech team nail down your exact goals without the risk of miscommunication.

The Tech Industry Is the Greatest Place for Startups

If you have your heart set on creating a specific type of business already, that’s one thing. If not, you should absolutely look into tech.

The goal of good business is to satisfy consumer demand. By going into tech, you do just that. In fact, technology-based industries account for each and every one of the top five fastest-growing industries in the world.

These industries are the fastest-growing in part because of demand for them is the highest, hence why so much capital is flowing into them from all corners of the Earth. And, as every great entrepreneur knows, high demand means high profit.

Not only would a knowledge of code help you secure your company’s place among giants in the five fastest-growing industries in the world, it would help you create a massive revenue stream without sacrificing your company’s integrity.

At the end of the day, there are simply too many reasons to list in one brief article for why you should learn how to code. After all, finding the best way to market goods and services is at the core of good entrepreneurship. And what better way to do just that than through code?

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