10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Diamond Challenge


The Diamond Challenge is the world’s top-rated global entrepreneurship competition for high school students that provides a unique opportunity for young students to pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of distinguished judges and potentially fund their next big venture. That’s what most people know about Diamond Challenge, at least. But did you know we didn’t have a Social Innovation Track until 2015? Or that The Summit used to be called the Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (YES!) but is now called the Diamond Challenge Summit? Read on to find out 10 more interesting facts about the Diamond Challenge that you probably didn’t know:

  1. We created the virtual “track” later in 2015 to expand the program to as many students as possible and make it as accessible as possible.
  2. This is the 8th season of the competition!
  3. We now have 27 pitch event locations around the world!
  4. We have engaged students from 70 countries and 40 states. (Wow!)
  5. We have an alumni base of 10,000+.
  6. Because English is the required competition language, many of our participants learn how to pitch in English for the first time!
  7. This will be our 7th annual Summit: the first ever summit began in 2014!
  8. We initially only had a one day Summit, but it expanded to 2 days, then what it is today, 3! 
  9. The competition was initially held in a classroom on campus, but now it’s at Clayton Hall conference center.
  10. Capital One sponsored the Diamond Challenge, doubling the overall prize pool to $100,000! (It was originally $50,000)

Now you can officially call yourself a Diamond Challenge expert!


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