BACVision, Diamond Challenge 2019 Finalist



High school is characterized by a multitude of milestones, including the process to finally obtain one’s own driver’s license. For Philip Pan and Mia Yang, they realized this newfound freedom on the roads came with its added risks– namely, the threat of automobile accidents from drunk drivers and other intoxicated individuals. Mia explained, “We identified how drinking and driving was a tangible problem, especially for our generation, and we realized we wanted to do something to prevent DUI accidents/fatalities”. After gathering data from law enforcement individuals and conducting extensive research with biomedical professionals, the idea for BACVision was born. BACVision, as the name aptly suggests, is a modular apparatus that will accurately quantify blood alcohol content (BAC) and the presence of other intoxicants in an individual through ocular metrics.The team ended up winning first place in the Business Innovation track of Diamond Challenge 2019. For Philip however, the experience itself was much more important than the result at the end.

“My Diamond Challenge experience was fantastic. From the University of Delaware ice cream truck on Saturday night to the exhilarating experience of pitching as a Top 3 Business Innovator, the Diamond Challenge was a unique opportunity to present my product, BACvision, to a global community. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with an international group of entrepreneurs, many of whom I still talk to today.”

For Philip, the global student entrepreneur network at the Diamond Challenge Summit proved essential for his company’s growth: “Across the three-day Summit, there were always other students who were willing to exchange information and ideas about our products.” Even after the competition, Philip continues to testify to the continued benefits of his expanded contact list: “These entrepreneurs have been a tremendous resource in taking BACvision to the next level. Whether it’s connecting us to medical professionals or sending us links to relevant technology, the students that I met at Diamond Challenge have truly transformed the future of our company.”

While their success at the Diamond Challenge Summit was certainly an important milestone for BACVision, Philip and Mia are just getting started in terms of their company start up. They are planning on registering as a limited liability company within the state of Virginia and working with a local patent firm to pursue a non-provisional patent over the summer. Philip adds, “Personally, I hope to continue with this company for as long as possible, maybe even throughout college!”

The Diamond Challenge cultivated the entrepreneurship spark for Phillip and Mia, helping them define their passions and bring their ideas to light. For anyone considering participating in the Diamond Challenge, Philip advises, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. No matter how trivial or unrealistic you believe your idea to be, there will always be people willing to invest time and resources into bringing your innovation to life. Diamond Challenge is the perfect opportunity to find such individuals. Moreover, you never know if your idea will be the next medical or technological breakthrough. All it takes is one individual with a desire to change the world. That’s the entrepreneurial spirit. Applying for Diamond Challenge will allow you to partake in this global network of innovators and pursue your passion for entrepreneurship.”

It’s safe to say BACVision is on track for great things, especially with such driven and inspirational leaders like Philip and Mia at the helm. We wish them the best in their endeavors and cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future!


No matter where our Diamond Challenge alumni go, we are constantly amazed by how they continue to make an impact on the world for the better.

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