Shobha Dasari, Diamond Challenge 2018 Semifinalist



We caught up with Diamond Challenge 2018 semifinalist, Shobha Dasari, to hear about her latest venture, current successes, and how the Diamond Challenge has prepared her for the future.

Tell us about what inspired you to create your latest venture?

My childhood revolved around Latin and Greek roots, German words beginning with “sch,” and French words ending in “ee” (or was it “et”?). I was never not learning new words. Whether I was in the cheese section in Kroger or hiking up mountains, I was always absorbing terms and phrases from my surroundings. As a competitive speller, I developed a technology to learn the 500,000 words in the dictionary quickly and accurately. When I “retired” from competing in spelling bees, I started a company called SpellPundit to provide this resource to other spellers. Whether it is through providing resources to our 1100+ users, sharing my knowledge with aspiring spellers, or donating over $10,000 of our profits to nonprofit education organizations, SpellPundit is my way of giving back to the community that has played in instrumental role in shaping me. And though I have gravitated towards other non-linguistic interests, SpellPundit has kept me connected to my roots (pun intended).

If you could describe your venture in a few sentences, what would you say? 

SpellPundit is dedicated to providing online resources to help spellers at all levels learn words faster and more accurately. We utilize an E-learning technology in which words are arranged by increasing difficulty, hints are provided to help learn words, and spellers are able to test themselves and review the words they misspelled.

How has the Diamond Challenge experience impacted your future trajectory? 

The Diamond Challenge helped me gain entrepreneurship experience and provided me with networking opportunities. They have provided me with a community of other young entrepreneurs and mentors, which has been a huge source of motivation as I work on my own venture.

What is next for you?

I plan to major in biomedical engineering when I go to college next year and my goal is to create a startup company in the healthcare industry.


No matter where our Diamond Challenge alumni go, we are constantly amazed by how they continue to make an impact on the world for the better.

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