Alberto Casas, Diamond Challenge 2018 Semifinalist

Hobbies: Watch collecting, running and cooking


We caught up with Diamond Challenge 2018 semifinalist, Alberto Casas, to hear about his latest goals, current successes, and how the Diamond Challenge has prepared him for the future.

Tell us about what inspires you?

When I walked into my high school for the first time, I was engulfed by a sea of new faces of almost none of which looked like mine. This realization was shocking due to my polar experience in middle school where I had attended classes with Latinos of various nationalities. I soon learned that the few Hispanics who did attend my school were all socially scattered through different class schedules and friend groups; there was no unity between us. Rather than accept this situation, I decided to establish my school’s very own Hispanic Club.

How has the Diamond Challenge experience impacted your future trajectory? 

The Diamond Challenge experience benefited me because it taught me that all issues worth resolving may not seem so apparent at first. While at the Summit, I was exposed to contestants from all across the globe, from China to Moldova, and they brought with them the issues they deemed worth solving. Many of those issues, such as the pollution of plastics in the Caribbean seas and the lack of prosthetics in Panama, had never come to my mind. Through the Diamond Challenge, I have learned to be more aware of my duty as a global citizen to be conscious of the problems I face, but also all problems faced by the entire population.

My Diamond Challenge experience has impacted my trajectory by making me consider if I’d like to work abroad at some sort of non-profit in the future. If not, at the very least I want to learn more about international trade and history while studying at university.

What is next for you?

My future goals and plans include obtaining my bachelor’s in Computer Science or Economics while participating in internships. I’d also like to study abroad for one semester in Europe to gain new experiences in interacting with people from other cultures/countries/ After college, I’d like to move to either Silicon Valley or NYC and work at a start-up pertaining to social media.


No matter where our Diamond Challenge alumni go, we are constantly amazed by how they continue to make an impact on the world for the better.

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