One goal of the Diamond Challenge is to encourage the integration of entrepreneurship into high school classrooms. We are happy to hear that the Fontbonne Hall Academy (FHA) of Brooklyn, New York is doing exactly this.  FHA aims to ‘inspire young women to be leaders of tomorrow’. The school offers a diverse curriculum that fosters innovation, leadership, and development of an entrepreneurial mindset. The mission of the Diamond Challenge aligns closely with the objectives of the school’s introductory entrepreneurship course, which states that it is, “designed to introduce students to the different types of entrepreneurship that exist, and the excitement and challenges of building your own business.”

Two FHA teams emerged to participate in the Diamond Challenge 2017.The teams learned about the Diamond Challenge from their teacher, who encouraged participation among students in the class. One team is led by Elina Vipul, with her team members Keara Donahue, Alyssa Amendolia and Alyssa Federico. The second team leader is Victoria Marsillo, accompanied by Samantha Marletta and Jessica Reilly. Both teams have presented their ideas to the entire class, and are currently planning their marketing and pricing strategies. The teams are both working diligently to create viable products and services, and hope to be recognized for their creative concepts.  We’re looking forward to seeing the pitches from the Fontbonne Hall Academy teams and commend the school for being a model of successful integration of entrepreneurship into high school classrooms!

The Diamond Challenge is part of the Paul and Linda McConnell Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative.


No matter where our Diamond Challenge alumni go, we are constantly amazed by how they continue to make an impact on the world for the better.

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