Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs LogoMore than 1000 high school students from around the globe are working together in teams to conceive and pitch ideas for new business concepts and social ventures as participants in the 2016 Diamond Challenge for High School Entrepreneurs. The Challenge is a signature part of the Paul and Linda McConnell Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative led by the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware.


“We are thrilled to reach such a broad and diverse community of high school students through the Diamond Challenge platform,” said Julie Frieswyk, manager of youth programs for UD’s Horn Program. “We’re deeply committed to providing young people around the world access to empowering educational programs and experiences that will unleash their creativity, encourage innovative thinking and inspire students to put their talents and dreams into action to create value for themselves and others.”


“The Diamond Challenge dares students to think creatively, collaborate effectively and work persistently to create a product that will change the world,” said John Downey, a senior at CBA high school in Lincroft, New Jersey. “The access to great mentors is also an incredibly useful tool for students looking to fine-tune a proposal or ask for an educated opinion.”


About Horn Entrepreneurship

Horn Entrepreneurship serves as the University of Delaware’s creative engine for entrepreneurship education and advancement. Built and actively supported by successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, Horn Entrepreneurship empowers aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs as they pursue new ideas for a better world.

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