Unique Impact

Assist Diamond Challenge teams and team advisors from idea conception to submission

Raise global awareness of the Diamond Challenge by engaging your local community

Become friends with students from all around the world

Position Responsibilities

Participate in monthly calls with all Diamond Challenge Ambassadors

Recruit and support Diamond Challenge judges, speakers, workshop hosts, and teams throughout the year

Host your own information sessions, events, workshops, and tables throughout the year

Ambassador of the Month:

Ashley Phuong

Meet your 2018 Student Ambassadors!

Amiran Aptsiauri

Tbilisi, Georgia

“Create your future from today.”

Ashley Phuong

San Jose, California

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Divya Pinnaka

Memphis, Tennessee

“I believe entrepreneurship education is a must in the 21st century. Being an ambassador is one way I can contribute to this movement of young entrepreneurs. The Diamond Challenge has allowed me to explore and apply myself outside the classroom. I feel capable of making a real change in this world after exposure to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.”

Giorgi Shelegia

Tbilisi, Georgia

“The Diamond Challenge is a great opportunity to challenge yourself.The Diamond Challenge changed my life for the better and now i’m here to make sure it does the same for others. “

Levan Jaliashvili

Rustavi, Georgia

“If everyone ever asks me, “What’s main success in your life?”, I would answer – “The Diamond Challenge”, without any doubt. This program gave me the best experience, knowledge, friends from all over the world and really helped me to find my future profession.”

Lucy Liu

Irvine, California

“Being a DC Ambassador, I really hope to be part of the inner-workings behind the competition that changed my high school entrepreneurship experience and bring this experience to high school students who want to pursue what entrepreneurship really is, rather than simply admiring those who are successful.”

Max Mindich

Greenwich, Connecticut

“The Diamond Challenge has provided a vehicle to express my entrepreneurial passions, ideas, and pursuits.”

Mikayla Purnell

Newark, Delaware

“I am so proud to participate in a program that uplifts people my age to do what we’ve always been told we’re too young to accomplish! Your age has no bearing on your fitness to follow your dreams, so less waiting and more innovating!”

Minyi Jiang

Tacoma, Washington

“The Diamond Challenge has pushed me toward my passion for entrepreneurship and communication. I have gained so much good experience from my participation in the last event. It is a great opportunity that every young person should absolutely try and make a change!”

Miracle Olatunji

New Castle, Delaware

“My participation in the Diamond Challenge and summit has strengthened my leadership skills. Youth entrepreneurship education and promotion is especially important to our fast-paced, ever-changing world where youth are the next generation. Furthermore, through my participation in this program, I’ve learned that entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to many, if not all, aspects of life and the skills I’ve learned through participating in this program will stick with me for a lifetime.”

Noelle Link

Brentwood, Tennessee

“I enjoyed competing in the Diamond Challange this year and felt that I learned a great deal from the experience in the way of problem-solving and creative thinking.”

Sanath Patil

Wilmington, Delaware

“My Diamond Challenge experience is unique. It helped me to come up with out of the box ideas and think about the impact I can make in society and the business world.”

Sierra RyanWallick

Landenberg, Pennsylvania

“The Diamond Challenge and summit were a life-changing experience for me because it showed me that my main passion in life is social entrepreneurship.  Winning 3rd Place in the Social Venture track validated my ideas, and I met many supportive and inspiring people during my Diamond Challenge journey that have encouraged me to follow my passion. My main goal in life is to positively impact as many lives as possible and change the world for the better.  The Diamond Challenge has set me on a track to accomplish my life goal, and I am very thankful for the opportunities this experience has given me!”

Sravya Basvapatri

Exton, Pennsylvania

“I find that being in an environment surrounded by students just as ambitious as I am motivates me and inspires me to achieve at higher levels. That is exactly the experience I found with the Diamond Challenge. I would like to empower other students who are bubbling with ideas to discover similar experiences. I would like to help encourage others to put their own ideas into action.”

Vignesh Sivaprakasam

Dublin, California

“It is my goal to spread entrepreneurial awareness one step at a time.”

Vivian Cai

San Diego, California

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”

Yash Kshirsagar

Pune, India

“The Diamond Challenge was a life-changing experience. It gave me the motivation I needed to take initiative and achieve my potential. This kind of exposure, especially for us as teenagers, is very rare to come by. I want more young entrepreneurs to get the kind of learning opportunities and inspiration that I did. The Diamond Challenge is a golden opportunity. Don’t miss it!”

Yousef Sheikh

Middletown, Delaware

“Not only has the Diamond Challenge given me a base to start my own companies, but it has allowed me to make invaluble connections in multiple industries.”