New This Year

Several notable enhancements have been made for the 2017 Diamond Challenge, including:

Prize pool of $100,000

Semifinalist prize of $1,000 per team (DOUBLE what we’ve offered in the past!)

Live Social Venture pitch sites*

More semifinal round slots!

*In select locations – check Social Venture page for listings.

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Meet your 2017 Student Ambassadors!


Charter School of Wilmington, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge has encouraged me to push the bounds of creativity and boldly explore innovation like never before.”


Lincoln School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge provides a framework to multiply yourself this way effectively, while you solve everyday problems in your neighborhood, the country you live in or even the world community at large.”


West Chester Bayard Rustin High School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge is such a fantastic experience that should not be missed.  You learn so much about leadership and entrepreneurship and get to meet new and interesting people from across the globe!”


Wesley Methodist School, Class of 2018

“If everything goes wrong, go right.”


Newark Charter High School, Class of 2019

“So often we are told that we teenagers are the future… but why can’t we be the present as well? Diamond Challenge provides that platform for us teenagers to actually make a difference… right now.”

Christine Fernandes

Caramel College, Class of 2017

“I always look forward to the Diamond Challenge, to give my idea a sense of reality and receive such constructive feedback on it. If you love business, then you just can’t give up this opportunity.”

Jordan Gewing

The Athenian School, Class of 2017

“The Diamond Challenge helped me put my idea into action by giving me the extra resources I needed to bring my idea to life and by motivating me with tangible deadlines! “


Corning Painted Post High School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for students around the world to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and engage in the process of starting a business.”


The John Carroll School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge has provided a vehicle to express my entrepreneurial passions, ideas, and pursuits.”


Gabes Pioneer High School, Class of 2017

“We need more programs like the Diamond Challenge in the MENA region to create the lacking entrepreneurial spirit in young students.”


Archmere Academy, Class of 2018

“I competed and won the Diamond Challenge in 2015. The experience exposed me to entrepreneurship in the most real way, in a way that didn’t just show me, but allowed me to do; I got the chance to develop a business plan, pitch for investment, network with entrepreneurs from across the world.”


Valley Christian High School, Class of 2018

“My Diamond Challenge experience has transformed me as a student, an entrepreneur, and a person. I have learned so much and met so many people who continue to inspire me long after.”


Dublin High School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge always manages to to make me push my limits and innovate in a way I never thought possible before!”


High School, Class of 2017

“I had a positive experience with the Diamond Challenge and am appreciative that I had the opportunity to present my ideas and gain feedback in such a unique way. Sometimes as high school students we aren’t taken seriously but with the Diamond Challenge I was treated like an adult.”


West Chester East High School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge is a must for any student with a passion for business or entrepreneurship! It is an amazing outlet to express creativity, showcase your skills, and learn how to work with a team. “


The Athenian School, Class of 2017

“The Diamond Challenge is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in entrepreneurship to pursue an idea from concept to pitch. In this process students can learn about what makes a successful business and what techniques will work in order to get one up off the ground while having fun with an original idea.”


West Chester Bayard Rustin High School, Class of 2018

“The Diamond Challenge was an incredible experience that allowed me to combine my passion for entrepreneurship and computer science!”