I signed up for the Diamond Challenge with a friend during my sophomore year of high school. Going in, I had some business experience through DECA, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. My partner and I competed through the business concept virtual track and qualified to pitch in a semifinals round before the annual Diamond Challenge Youth Entrepreneurship Summit. Though we did not place in the top three, attending the Summit was an amazing experience. I got to meet students with a passion for entrepreneurship from around the world and attended interesting and informative workshops. My experience at the Summit inspired me to apply to be a student ambassador for the Diamond Challenge, and I am now on my second year as an ambassador! As an ambassador, I have had the opportunity to reach out to so many students in my local community and encourage them to explore their interests through entrepreneurship. I have also met incredible fellow ambassadors who continue to awe me with their hard work and dedication towards promoting entrepreneurship and the Diamond Challenge. My participation in the Diamond Challenge as a competitor and an ambassador has taught me more than just what entrepreneurship is; I have learned about the ways in which people can lead and change the world, even in the smallest of their endeavors.

Ashley Phuong